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Jepara Indonesia - Art of Furniture Building Jepara is a small town on the north coast of Central Java with one main industry, furniture building and wood carvings. It is about one and half hours by car from the provincial capital Semarang. Jepara was an important port kingdom in the mid-sixteenth century. The city itself has had a very strong influence in world history for nearly 2,000 years.

The colonial Dutch burned it to the ground twice in one year for breaking their trade monopoly. It was also the home of Kartini the Javanese aristocrat whose life and letters advanced educational opportunities for Indonesian women in the early twentieth century.

There is an old folk tale that tells of how Jepara became a city of artisans and carvers of wood. A long time ago a king hired a famous artist to paint a picture of his wife. The artist was as artists are very imaginative and created a nude painting of the queen. The king liked the painting a lot until he noticed a very obscure birthmark on the nude painting that the artist should never have seen. So as the tale goes the king was so mad that he tied the artist and all of his tools to a kite and cut it free. The artist and his tools flew high over the mountain and came to rest in what is now known as Jepara.

More close to factual accounts of the history, Jepara developed the craft of carving furniture from a series of steps long before it became what it is today as a center for furniture production. The history of wood carvings in Jepara goes all the way back to the 7th century. It was mostly the women of Jepara that got the artisans skills recognized as an art form

It was Queen Shima whom ruled the Kalingga Kingdom of Jepara in the 7th century whom would actualy set into motion the development of that art. She supported the carvings to be implemented into the home and ship building of her time. Her styles and traditions of wood carvings combined with Chinese, Indian, and Arabic influence throughout the centuries compiled a mixture of artistic styles. These crafts were handed down from father to son artisans until it met up with the western world around 1600. Jepara is then led by another woman, Queen Kalinyamat. She set about to improve the styles used by the artisans and started trading commodities with the western world in the 16th century.

Though not mentioned much in the history books as an influence on furniture production the Dutch East Indies Company, English and the Portuguese brought with them their western style conveniences when they set up occupations for trading here over 400 years ago. It was the needs of western style conveniences these traders of sugar cane and other commodities brought with them that set the base standards for the modern day furniture building in Jepara. In the 19th century, the development of Jepara Furniture Industry became famous in many countries all over the world after R.A Kartini, the daughter of Jepara Head Residence introduced the wood carving products from Jepara to the Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at her marriage ceremony as gifts from Indonesia.

Again in the 20th century when Soeharto was President of Indonesia, Jepara Furniture Home Industry got support from the President's Wife to get investors to expand their business. As a result, many foreign investors were very interested to expand their business to Jepara. It was this investor influence that brought alive the antique reproduction styles most pre-dominant here up until now. We here at East Indies TradUR see ourselves as a key player for the next stage in furniture history of Jepara.

Our classic and modern American styles combined with the ancient traditional carvings have already been recognized by many as works of art. To quote a recent client, "ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Beautiful works of art."

Glenn Furniture Group Custom Wood Products

Glenn custom furniture is hand carved from solid wood. Glenn builds kitchen cabinets, office furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom vanities, living room furniture, dining furniture, home furnishings for indoor and outdoor. Improve home decor with art. Each piece of hard wood furniture is hand crafted by artists with custom wood carvings. A Glenn designer will assist clients to design their furniture for home decorating from modern contemporary to rustic designs.

Glenn furniture custom builds all things wood. To make it easier for shopping Glenn is creating a network of wood products websites. Each website has a products section that links to all of the Glenn wood craft websites within the network. For example all French reproduction furniture is found at http://classicwoodenfurniture.com Glenn custom furniture sites are identified by the Glenn Logo at the top of the webpage.

Glenn Furniture Manufactures custom handmade designer furniture from real wood - Teak, Mahogany, Beech and Pine woods. Glenn only produces high end quality wood furniture, but not expensive. Glenn’s goal is to make it so anyone can buy a masterpiece artistic custom original design at an affordable price. Glenn clients have found that their unique creations are more than a piece of furniture. Each piece is hand crafted by an artist for their client’s lifestyle and home decor. The wood furniture Glenn builds is hand carved to any style you like from Italian, American, French, Tuscany, Old World, Exotic, Rustic, Modern and many more styles. Glenn builds reproductions of famous furniture designs with museum quality to detail. By request Glenn signature pieces can be produced as exclusive one of kind designs. Glenn furniture is an investment value of stylish art furniture perfect for the most luxurious homes decor.

Glenn produces their custom furniture through a partner factory in Indonesia setup by and overseen by Glenn Madden. Glenn Madden is a highly talented individual who loves doing something no one else can and he does it better than anyone else can.

Glenn started out in the furniture business working with his dad when he was just old enough to walk. He was inspired by his dad’s creations and hard work. But Glenn was more interested in the designing part of the furniture than building it. When he got older he left the small furniture shop of his dad and worked himself through a degree in engineering.

After Glenn graduated as an engineer he went to work for a huge corporate company designing and installing computer systems around the world. This is how Glenn ended up living in Indonesia building custom made designer furniture TODAY.

Long story short, Glenn met and married an Indonesian woman.
After being married for 3 years they had a daughter born in the USA .
Due to some papers being filed wrong with immigration and an overstay on a tourist visa while their daughter was being born IN THE USA


After fighting this for 2 years Glenn packed his bags and moved to Indonesia, where following in his dads footsteps he has set up a factory to produce furniture for his US Company TradUR now to be Glenn Furniture and its partners. Building designer custom made art furniture for more than 10 years.

It has taken a long time to perfect a system to get the quality of furniture needed to meet the standards outside of Indonesia and built at prices anyone can afford. But this past 3 years has been very SUCCESSFUL with almost zero customer complaints.
Due to Glenn’s success this past 3 years of quality on delivery Glenn is now starting to expand their operation and Internet presence.
With Glenn Madden's engineering skills, creative ability and a lot of very talented hard working Indonesians Glenn Furniture can build exclusive high end designer furniture at an affordable price.

Presently Glenn has buyers worldwide. Glenn has 4 full time partners at this time located in the USA, Ireland and Poland. Glenn has several other companies in various countries including Canada and the UK that have an ongoing business relationship.
The partners and buyers of TradUR Company Furniture have come to recognize the quality behind the name as Glenn Madden himself. It only follows logic that the TradUR Company should eventually be Glenn Furniture.


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Glenn Furniture is an American Company producing hand carved wood furniture, cabinets and wood crafts from solid wood. Glenn builds kitchen cabinets, office furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom vanities, living room furniture, dining furniture, home furnishings for indoor and outdoor. Improve your home decor with art. Each piece of hard wood furniture is hand crafted by artists with custom wood carvings. A Glenn designer will assist you to design your own furniture for your home decorating needs from modern contemporary to rustic designs.


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