Directions How To Get To Jepara Indonesia


There are several ways to get here.



The best is to take a plane from Jakarta to Semarang.

From Semarang you can hire a taxi at the airport. It will take about 2 hours driving. Most of the taxi drivers know Jepara well enough to take you direct to your hotel.


If you want a little adventure then you could take a bus from Jakarta to Semarang. But please do not take a bus if you have weak heart. I would venture to say that few roller coaster rides compare to the experience you would recieve. It is a 12 hour ride at best and a non stop terror filled adventure if you are not used to it.



Night Train is not too bad. You can take the express train from Jakarta to Semarang. It leaves Jakarta around 8pm every day and arrives early morning in Semarang. The seats are nice and it is air conditioned. They serve hot food. Each car has a TV with movies playing. I found it best to purchase a bank of 4 seats whether I need them or not. That way once the train is under way you can turn the front row facing the back making for a decent place to sleep.




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