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The city Mayong, being known as the home town of RA Kartini is also a centre of ceramics production. Mayong Ceramics are exported to many countries. Mayong is located halfway between Jepara and Kudus.

Pulau Panjang
Pulau Panjang (literally : Long Island) with a lenght of 2 and a width of 1 kilometer is a small island near to Kartini Beach. It owns a white sand coast and a diversity of unique flora. The distance is 1.5 km from Kartini Beach , and can be reached by renting a fishermen boat within 15 minutes The enchanting nature virginity makes this island often visited by the young people, especially for camping activities. There's also a lighthouse and the grave of Sheikh Abu Bakar

Mount Muria
Is a dormant volcano on the north coast of Java, Indonesia. The area is notable for a number of reasons. It is the site of the grave of one of the Wali Sanga of Java - Sunan Muria - one of the Islamic Saints associated with the origins of Islam in Java.



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